Why you need Liquor Liability Insurance

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If you're a bartender or a for-hire bartender who serves alcohol, you need liquor liability insurance to protect your assets from potential lawsuits. Liquor liability insurance covers you should you be held liable for damages or injuries that resulted because you sold or served alcoholic beverages.

For example, you could be sued if someone hurt themselves or others after drinking alcohol that you served them. If someone you served causes a car accident, you could be held liable. Costs related to liquor liability claims can often exceed $100,000 in court costs, legal fees, and more.

You can protect yourself and your business from irreparable financial harm with liquor liability from FLIP. This coverage is necessary if you sell, manufacture, distribute, or furnish beer, wine, or liquor.


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Why you need Liquor Liability Insurance

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Why Buy Liquor Liability from FLIP?

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General liability is now available for bartenders that purchase a Liquor liability policy through FLIP. FLIP offers "A+ rated" insurance with an easy online application for a liquor liability insurance quote. Why take risks when you can get affordable, comprehensive general liability insurance coverage and a liquor liability policy from FLIP? It's easy to protect your food business from exposures unique to the food industry, including claims that stem from alcohol sales. With liquor liability and general liability coverage, your business can confidently serve alcoholic beverages.

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