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Bartenders and Alcohol-Serving Businesses

Selling and serving alcohol comes with a set of risks that can leave your business vulnerable to expensive claims. That’s where having proper coverage can make all the difference.

Find the right liquor liability insurance plan for your business.

Who Needs Liquor Liability Insurance?

If you serve, sell, or furnish alcohol as part of your regular business operations, you need liquor liability insurance. These activities are not covered under a commercial general liability policy. In order to be shielded against alcohol-related claims, you must have a liquor liability policy in addition to your general liability policy. Additionally, many states have dram shop laws that require you to carry liquor liability insurance. FLIP’s liquor liability insurance policy is designed to fit a variety of business types: 

Don’t see your business listed? If your business operations include serving, selling, or furnishing alcohol, you need liquor liability insurance. Reach out to our customer service team at 844.520.6992 to see if your business qualifies for our coverage.

About Liquor Liability Coverage

Alcohol-related claims can cost thousands of dollars and put a great deal of financial strain on your business.

Also known as alcohol insurance, liquor liability coverage is designed to shield business owners like you from paying entirely out of pocket for claims resulting from selling or serving alcohol. 

Common incidents that can lead to claims include:

  • A customer you served drinks to drives home from the event intoxicated and causes a car crash, injuring themselves and another party.
  • A minor becomes intoxicated at an event you’re bartending.
  • Two people you served alcohol to at an event get into a brawl, injuring each other and damaging the venue.


With liquor liability insurance, you can mitigate the cost paid for claims like these. 

liquor on a bar top
bartender holding drink

Liquor Liability Insurance for Bartenders

Who Does Bartender Insurance Cover?

Bartender liability insurance provides coverage for freelance and mobile bartending businesses that serve at weddings, private parties, and other events. It is not designed to protect brick-and-mortar bars or restaurants.

Bartender Insurance Cost

If you already have a general liability policy, you can purchase liquor liability insurance for bartenders starting at $200/year. If you don’t have a general liability policy yet, you can bundle one with an annual liquor liability policy starting at $429/year. 

How to Get Bartender Insurance

With FLIP, you can get bartender insurance in 10 minutes or less! Simply follow these steps to get your policy:

  1. Start your application and include your business information
  2. Select which coverages you would like to include on your policy
  3. Receive your quote
  4. Complete your purchase

Liquor Liability Insurance for Caterers

Who Does Liquor Catering Insurance Cover?

Catering liquor liability insurance is made for catering businesses that specialize in alcohol or include alcohol as part of their services.

Alcohol Catering Insurance Cost

FLIP allows you to bundle a general liability policy with your liquor liability policy starting at $429/year.

If you already have general liability coverage, you can buy liquor catering insurance starting from $200/year. 

Your premium can be affected by a number of factors, including:

  • Your business’ gross sales from liquor
  • The limits you select
  • Which state(s) you operate in
  • Optional coverages you add to your policy

How to Get Catering Liquor Insurance

If you include alcohol as part of your catering operations, you can get liquor catering insurance from FLIP in 10 minutes or less! Make sure you’re ready to provide information about your annual gross sales for liquor (or food and liquor if you are purchasing a general liability policy as well).

Follow these steps to receive your policy today:

  1. Fill out our online application and include your business information
  2. Choose the coverages you need for your business
  3. Get your free quote
  4. Complete your purchase
Nine different cocktails on a bar, each with different garnishes including citrus slices, berries, and mint leaves.
drinks at a wedding

Liquor Liability Insurance for Weddings, Parties, and Events

Who Does Alcohol Insurance for Parties Cover?

If you need short-term coverage for a specific event, event liquor liability insurance is right for you. This policy can cover businesses such as caterers, food trucks, and concessionaires and provides up to three days of consecutive coverage to protect you during set-up and teardown. 

Liquor Liability Insurance for Events Cost

You can get event liquor liability insurance for as low as $105/event if you already have a general liability policy in place.

Shopping for general liability insurance as well? No problem! You can bundle one with liquor liability coverage starting at $134/event.  

How to Get Special Event Liquor Liability

FLIP makes getting liquor liability coverage for events easy! You can purchase your policy in 10 minutes or less. 

Running behind? Don’t fret—you can purchase same-day coverage for the event you’re attending and get your certificate of insurance immediately. 

Get covered today by following these steps:

  1. Begin your online application and include your business information
  2. Select the coverage types your business needs
  3. Get your quote completely free of charge
  4. Purchase your policy

How to Minimize Alcohol Liability Risk

While accidents can happen no matter how prepared you are, you can still mitigate your liquor liability risk by doing the following:

Know and comply with all state, county, and local liquor laws

Always check IDs before serving patrons

Educate yourself and your staff on signs of intoxication

Have a plan for how to respond if a patron has had too much to drink and shouldn’t be served 

Offer non-alcoholic drinks for free to designated drivers

Provide snacks