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Beverage Cart Insurance

Serve up a bevy of beverages without worry when you have the protection of beverage cart insurance.


Benefits Of Beverage Cart Insurance

Discover how the benefits of beverage cart insurance can protect your business.

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Customizable Coverage

Create a comprehensive insurance plan for your business with your choice of coverage limits, additional coverages and endorsements.

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Unlimited Additional Insureds

Include as many additional insureds as your business needs at no extra cost for high-quality protection wherever your next job takes you.

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Instant Quote Process

Protect your beverage cart business in minutes with our easy, online checkout for 24/7 access to your policy information via our online user dashboard.

Do Beverage Carts Need Liability Insurance?

Yes, beverage carts need insurance. Beverage cart insurance is a host of coverages – general liability, product liability, equipment coverage, and more – designed to offer a safety net of protection for your business. This type of insurance can mitigate, or in some cases, eliminate the out-of-pocket cost of claims. As a food industry business, your beverage cart faces a unique set of liability risks. Just one liability claim can cost thousands of dollars or more, halting your operation and damaging your reputation. Beverage cart insurance can protect your business from the hefty cost of liability claims, allowing you to continue running your business with peace of mind.

What Is Beverage Cart Insurance?

Beverage cart insurance is a liability insurance plan designed to protect beverage cart businesses from the cost of liability claims. It provides up to $2M in coverage for General and Product Liability as well as up to $50K in optional tools and equipment coverage to protect businesses from the majority of liability claims they might face. 

For businesses that need more coverage, the Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) also provides increased limits and additional policy options, like professional liability and cyber liability insurance, according to their needs.

How Much Does Beverage Cart Insurance Cost?

Beverage car insurance starts out at $25.92 per month or $299 per year. The cost of your policy is affected by the:

  • Coverages you include
  • Coverage limits you choose
  • Gross income limit

Additional policy options and increased limits are also available at extra cost for businesses that require more coverage.

Let’s Talk Numbers For Beverage Cart Insurance


Coverage Details For Beverage Cart Insurance

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General Liability

Aggregate Limit: $2M

Protect your business from paying for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. General Liability can also protect against claims regarding products-completed operations, personal and advertising injury, and more.

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Product Liability

Aggregate Limit: $2M

As a food industry business, you run the risk of making a customer sick from your food, whether from foodborne illness, unlabelled allergens, or more. In these cases, Product Liability Insurance can protect you from paying out of pocket for claims that your food made a customer ill.

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Inland Marine (Tools & Equipment)

Aggregate Limit: $10K

Protect your business from the cost of repairing or replacing stolen or broken business equipment. FLIP offers increased coverage limits for Inland Marine based on your business insurance needs.

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Damage To Premises Rented 

Aggregate Limit: $300K

Protect your business from the cost of claims arising from damages done to rented spaces, such as an event booth or commercial kitchen. It’s common for property owners and event organizers to require businesses to list them as additional insureds on a policy before renting a space. FLIP provides unlimited additional insureds at no extra cost.

Coverage Details Limits

General Liability Aggregate Limit


Products – Completed Operations Aggregate Limit


Personal and Advertising Injury Limit


General Each Occurrence Limit


Damage to Premises Rented to You Limit (Any One Premises)


Liability Deductible


Business Personal Property / Inland Marine Limit (Any One Article / Aggregate)


Business Personal Property / Inland Marine Limit (Per Occurrence) – Deductible


Medical Expense Limit



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Food and beverage insurance provides business owners with General Liability, Product Liability, optional Tools and Equipment Insurance, Damage to Premises Rented, and Cyber Liability Insurance. A food and beverage insurance policy protects you from the cost of claims. Some claims, such as a customer falling ill with food poisoning after purchasing food from you, could cost you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs if you don’t have insurance. Insurance could mitigate or even eliminate those costs.

FLIP’s base beverage cart insurance policy does not cover businesses that serve, sell, or furnish alcohol. However, FLIP does provide Liquor Liability Insurance that can be added to your policy. If your business serves, sells, or furnishes alcohol, you will need this important coverage to protect your business from the cost of alcohol-related accidents.

Follow the link below to learn about liquor liability insurance and how to add it to your beverage cart insurance policy today.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Running your smoothie cart, coffee cart, or beverage cart can come with several different types of risks. Listed below are examples of some risks that you might face as a beverage cart. 

  • A customer or bystander trips over your equipment, causing bodily harm
  • Someone damages or steals your business equipment
  • A customer gets sick from a drink you served them
  • A fire or disaster destroys your business equipment or causes property damage

Smoothie and beverage cart insurance can help protect your business from the expensive costs associated with these risks. Insurance can either mitigate or completely eliminate those out-of-pocket costs. 

When you purchase juice cart insurance you want to be sure that what you’re buying is good quality and reliable. Here are a few highlights for beverage cart insurance: 

  • No Quote Process
  • 24/7 Access to Policy Documents
  • Convenient Online Purchasing
  • Licensed In All 50 States
  • General Liability
  • Products and Completed Operations Coverage
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage
  • Damage to Premises Rented Coverage
  • Business Personal Property Coverage