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Chefs and Caterers

Whether you’re a personal chef or own a catering business, there are risks associated with your line of work that can lead to expensive claims. When an accident does happen, liability insurance can help mitigate the costs.

Find the right cooking liability insurance plan for your business.

Food Businesses Covered by FLIP

As a culinary business owner, you need an insurance policy that can properly protect you from common claim incidents. Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) is proud to offer cooking liability insurance to a variety of culinary businesses, from chefs to commercial kitchen owners.

About Insurance for Chefs and Caterers

Cooking liability insurance can safeguard your catering, personal chef, commercial kitchen, or culinary business from common (and often expensive) claims, including:

  • Clients getting food poisoning from the food you cooked for them
  • Accidentally damaging the equipment in the commercial kitchen you rent, requiring expensive repairs
  • Equipment getting stolen while you were unloading your catering gear at an event

FLIP’s top-rated liability insurance can shield you from having to pay entirely out of pocket in these situations, with coverages including:


Having a liability insurance policy helps give you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to face the cost of claims alone. 

chef standing in front of food

How to Minimize Risk When Cooking

Liability insurance is there to protect you when accidents happen, but there are still steps you can take to reduce your risk of a claim:

  • Clean up spills right away to prevent slip-and-fall incidents
  • Handle all kitchen equipment the way it’s intended to be used
  • Dispose of expired ingredients immediately
  • Require all employees to go through food safety training
  • Never leave catering or cooking equipment unattended
  • Clearly label common food allergens