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Mobile Food and Beverage Businesses

Your mobile food business allows you to take your livelihood on the road. Don’t let expensive claims drag you down. Find the right mobile food vendors insurance coverage for your business!

Mobile Food Vendors Covered by FLIP

The U.S. mobile food industry is booming, with food trucks alone representing a $1.4 billion market. To make sure business owners like you are able to protect their earnings from costly claims, Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) is proud to cover a wide variety of mobile food businesses.

About Mobile Food Vendors Insurance

If you own a business that uses a food truck, cart, or trailer as part of your operations, you need mobile food vending insurance. This liability coverage is designed to protect you in the event of incidents like:

  • A customer tripping over your food trailer’s hitch and injuring themselves
  • One of your customers getting food poisoning from something you served them
  • A fire destroying the equipment installed in your food truck
  • Your generator getting stolen from you while you were vending at an event

Claims like these can place a huge financial burden on your business and without insurance you may be looking at paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for legal fees, medical expenses, or the cost of repairing/replacing your gear. 

With a FLIP policy for mobile food vendors, you can mitigate or sometimes eliminate the cost of claims.

Our highly rated policies include these coverages:

  • Damage to premises rented 
  • Inland marine (tools and equipment) optional
  • Food trailer endorsement

Food Trailer Insurance

Did you know that most general liability policies don’t include food trailer insurance? That’s not the case with FLIP! 

If you operate a food trailer, you can purchase a food trailer endorsement to shield your business against incidents that happen in, on, or around your trailer while it is detached from your towing vehicle and parked on a rented premises

business owner outside food vendor

How to Minimize Risk When Operating a Mobile Food Business

In the unfortunate case that an accident happens involving your mobile food business, your liability insurance policy can be there to mitigate the cost. However, preventative measures are critical to minimizing your chances of a liability claim.

Here are just a few ways you can reduce risk for your business:

  • Require all employees to take a food safety course and adhere to proper food handling practices
  • Be mindful of space and potential hazards when parking your food truck/cart/trailer
  • Label any tripping hazards around your vehicle 
  • Store your unused equipment in a safe and secure location
  • Make sure common food allergens are clearly labeled


Learn more about how you can avoid common claims for mobile food businesses.