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A personal chef chops cherry tomatoes on a wooden cutting board.

50 Personal Chef Business Names

Coming up with a name for your personal chef business is easily one of the most creative parts of starting this exciting new venture, as

A woman in a white polka dot sundress buying produce at a farmers market stall.

How to Become a Vendor at a Farmers Market

While shopping for groceries can feel like a chore, strolling through the farmers market feels a little magical. Colorful produce displays wherever you look. The

A personal chef wearing a black apron sharpening a knife in a home kitchen.

How to Start a Personal Chef Business

The demand for personal chefs is on the rise—the market size for this industry is predicted to increase by $21.7 billion by 2029. While lifestyles

A wedding bartender pours sparkling wine down a pyramid of glasses in front of a bride and groom.

How to Become a Wedding Bartender

Did you know that 67% of Americans enjoy when couples serve alcohol at their wedding receptions? As a result, there’s a solid demand for wedding

A person holds a frosted cake on a plate with purple and orange floral decorations on top.

43 Memorable Home Cake Business Names

Starting a home-based cake business is an exciting venture, but one of the crucial steps is coming up with a memorable name that reflects your

business owners at bakery

How Much Money Does Insurance Save Me?

Insurance provides more than just a safety net of coverage for your business. It can help you book more events, increase your customer base, and

street tacos

What Sells The Most On Food Trucks

What Sells The Most On Food Trucks: Top 13 Most Sellable Food Items As one of the fastest-growing parts of the food industry, food trucks

Several food trucks lined up, attracting a large crowd at a community event.

How Good Food Makes a Strong Community

The University of Oxford explored the correlation between communal eating and personal well-being, including happiness, friend circles, community connection, and overall life satisfaction. The verdict?

An image of an organic permaculture garden.

Creating a Permaculture Market Garden

A permaculture market garden is where permaculture principles are applied to grow a diverse range of crops meant to be sold in local markets. Unlike