New Handmade Insurance Coverage Available for FLIP Clients

We've got exciting news. Until now, a FLIP policy would only cover food-based operations. Our new handmade endorsement allows you to offer additional products and receive comprehensive coverage for product liability and business personal product. So, are you ready to make some money? Expanding your product options can be a lucrative way to add to your income stream as a food business owner. If your creativity extends beyond the kitchen—and you love to mix up soaps, candles, and lotions with equally delicious smells—there's an endorsement to cover you. What Handmade Insurance Covers There's a long list of products eligible for this coverage. If you've considered adding products to your food business, this list could give you some great ideas for products to develop. Check o... Read more

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Food Truck Marketing

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Food Truck Marketing

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Food Truck Marketing As a food truck owner, you embrace the challenge of driving from town to town and setting up shop for the day. Your unique type of business gives you the opportunity to increase your market and gain new customers along the way. Because you have the ability to interact and serve a diverse group of people, it’s best you make sure your marketing plan is on point. In case it needs some work, or if you want more ideas, we put together five food truck marketing tips that are easy to implement in your strategy and even threw in a bonus tip: food truck insurance. Food Truck Marketing Tip #1: Post Your Food Truck Schedule on Facebook While your website is a go-to touchpoint for your customers, it might not be one they visit on a daily basis. Fa... Read more

4 Risks of Running a Personal Chef Business Without Insurance

4 Risks of Running a Personal Chef Business Without Insurance

Operating your own personal chef business is no easy feat. You’re working in your clients’ homes or renting out spaces to whip up your next creation. Autonomy over your decisions and working in a career you’re passionate about makes for a rewarding and fulfilling profession. However, accompanying freedom and creativity, are many types of risks involved. Which is why having personal chef insurance is so beneficial. In this article, we’ll discuss the risks you face as well as how your insurance can respond if you’re ever in a situation where you’ll need it. Risk #1: Your Work Area is Your Responsibility Because you’re a hired professional, your clients have high expectations for you. Number one on the list? Keeping a sanitary workspace. You’re expected to clean up after each of y... Read more

A Breakdown of Catering Insurance: Serve Up Protection For Your Business

A  Breakdown of Catering Insurance: Serve Up Protection For Your Business

Your catering business operations consist of a variety of details, such as advertising, food prep, food delivery, and post-event cleanup. No matter how careful you are, you need to account for human error and outside variables which are completely out of your control. With many moving pieces involved in creating a successful catering business, the best thing you can do is protect your livelihood by purchasing catering insurance and have peace of mind. A Breakdown of Catering Insurance Coverage General Liability General catering liability insurance can protect you from bodily injury and property damage claims and lawsuits that caterers might face. A single lawsuit or claim can be financially devastating to your business. Even if you are not found liable for the claim, you may still... Read more

Food Vendor Insurance Claims Process

Food Vendor Insurance Claims Process

Food vendor insurance is the responsible and smart thing to have before things go wrong. In the unfortunate circumstance that an incident occurs and you’re held responsible, you’ll need to know how to file a claim to get a payout from your insurance provider. We’ll take you through the step by step claims process so you will know what to do in order to get a resolution as quickly as possible. What is a Food Vendor Insurance Claim? Food vendor insurance claims are much the same as other insurance claims. What’s covered may change but the process remains easy and simple. A claim is when you officially request remittance from your insurer due to a loss or damage to the property that is covered by your policy.1 A claims representative will look at your claim and verify that the... Read more

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