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Food Trailer Endorsements or Food Trailer Insurance

When food vendors insure their business, equipment, and/or products, there are often many coverages excluded from the insurance policy that are needed or required by food vendors. A common exclusion is food trailers.

Most general liability policies exclude incidents that occur in, on, or around your trailer because a food trailer is defined as an auto. Not having liability coverage for a food trailer when it is the main workplace of your business leaves a wide gap for claims against you or the trailer. It’s important to make sure your food trailer is insured when you do business so you’re protected if any incidents occur. 

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If your insurance policy excludes your food trailer for liability coverage, sometimes you may purchase a food trailer insurance endorsement that adds your food trailer back into your general liability policy.


A food trailer endorsement is designed to respond to incidents that occur in, on, or around your food trailer. While you may not like paying extra for your insurance policy, it’s best to make sure that your trailer, especially when it’s the mecca of your business, has the insurance needed to sufficiently protect you from expensive payoffs if claims arise. Food trailers cost thousands of dollars and can increase depending on what is needed to make it up to code. This important asset deserves to be covered.

Food trailer endorsements commonly cover the trailer only when it is detached from your towing vehicle and parked on a rented premise. Make sure your vehicle’s auto policy covers the trailer when it is attached so that the trailer has insurance as you drive on the road.

If your food trailer has a license plate or vehicle identification number (VIN), you will want to verify if your auto policy still covers the trailer because many auto policies exclude trailers that have their own license plates or VIN. If your auto policy doesn’t cover your trailer when it is attached to your vehicle, you may want to consider purchasing an auto insurance policy on your trailer as well.


As you insure your food trailer, attached or detached from a towing vehicle, remember you are protecting yourself and your business. A food trailer endorsement may cost extra in insurance premiums, but you are insuring coverage against the unknown. Accidents and incidents do happen, and you want to be prepared when they occur. You can get a food trailer endorsement from FLIP for $150 plus a general liability policy starting at $299/year or $25.92/month.

By choosing to combine your food trailer business insurance with general liability and a trailer endorsement, you are adding additional layers of protection to your hard work. General liability covers property damage and bodily injury claims you are legally liable for. The food industry is a busy one and sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Covering your business and your property is the best way to go. FLIP offers a $2M aggregate limit and gives you more than enough of a financial safety net to work with.

For more information about food trailer endorsements or general liability insurance for food vendors with food trailers, visit FLIP’s Food Trailer Insurance web page or call (844) 520-6992.


Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) provides comprehensive coverage designed for food business owners, such as Vendors, caterers, bakers, chefs, and other food providers. Our annual policy is designed to respond in the case of a lawsuit arising out of their business operations. FLIP is proud to a leader within the insurance space and is proud to offer coverage in all 50 states. You can always count on FLIP to keep you covered.

For more information about food trailer endorsements or general liability insurance for food vendors with food trailers, visit FLIP’s Food Trailer Insurance web page or call (844) 520-6992.


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