Commercial Grade Kitchen Or Commissary?

You’ve had your fair share of making decisions while running your food business. Some are easy, while others take time and research to figure out.

Deciding to work with a commercial kitchen or commissary is definitely one of those that takes time and careful consideration. There are benefits to both! You can make it easier on yourself, though. Asking the right questions can make all the difference.

Preparing your food in a commercial grade kitchen or commissary is one of things we get asked about the most.

That's why today I’m walking you through the top questions you should ask before choosing to work with a commercial kitchen or commissary.

Here are the top questions:

1- What’s the inspection history?

Before you get started, check out the inspection history of the commercial kitchens and commissaries in your area. Reviewing the inspection history gives you a better understanding of how the kitchen/commissary is being managed. A poor inspection from the health department could get in the way of running your business. Putting in the extra time to make sure you’re working with a quality commercial kitchen or commissary will help you feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your business.

2- Are cleaning and disposal facilities available?

You may use a lot of oil in your cooking. If that’s the case, look for a kitchen/commissary that can dispose of oils safely and it’ll be one less thing for you to worry about. Whether you’re prepping, cooking, or baking, dishes tend to pile up and you’ll want a place to clean out your items. It’s a lot faster and more convenient to get things done all in one place.

3. Do you just need a space to store food and cook, or would you prefer a commissary that can help you with more?

Figure out your focus and see how a kitchen/commissary can help push your business forward. Explore your options to find the right fit for you. A commercial kitchen is great for anything food-related, such as storing, cooking, and prepping. A commissary will offer extra support with helping you obtain permits and certifications.

4. Does this place have time slots available for the hours you need on a regular basis?

As a business owner, you’re always on the go and have things planned out. You need to work with a commercial kitchen/commissary that fits in your busy schedule. Think about how often you’ll need to use a facility and take it from there. Maybe you need to schedule something consistent or you only need to use a kitchen/commissary to fill large large orders for events.

5. What storage space is available?

Storage space is essential, especially in the food industry. Depending on your work space, you might need a secure space to store your items, that’s another reason why it can be convenient to use a kitchen/commissary. These facilities could offer all types of storage, such as dry storage, cold storage, and even equipment storage. Do your research and see what your needs are!

Make sure to check out the video to learn more about what questions you should ask before choosing between a commercial kitchen or commissary. Asking the right questions and evaluating your needs can help you make a better decision on the facility to move forward with.



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