Expansion Is A Reality: How Restaurant Insurance Can Help Your Growing Business

Expansion Is A Reality: How Restaurant Insurance Can Help Your Growing Business

Your dream of owning a successful food truck has become a reality. Finally, after a lot of hard work and gaining customers along the way, you are ready to open your first brick and mortar restaurant establishment. Now, that you are serving customers at both your food truck and restaurant locations, your risks have increased. The more people you serve, the higher your chances are of dealing with incidents. FLIP offers restaurant insurance for food trucks that are expanding into restaurants.

Risks Restaurant Owners May Face


Panera restaurant was found liable and was ordered to pay $650 million to visitors that were exposed to the E. Coli virus. The lawsuit was filed for an E.coli outbreak found in romaine lettuce being served by the restaurant. The first victim’s reaction to E.Coli was so detrimental that it caused acute kidney failure. After further investigation, 35 more people experienced negative reactions from consuming romaine lettuce at the establishment.

Slip and Falls

A customer at a restaurant slipped and fell because she lost her footing on a liquid substance on the floor. She claimed that the restaurant failed to post warning signs and took her claims to court. The customer received $160,665 to pay for her medical expenses and further suffering.

Liquor Liability Lawsuits

An attorney’s website that deals with drunk driving lawsuits state that a client was in a coma for over three months after a drunk driver struck them on the road. The driver was visibly drunk and had been over-served. The client sued for damages and settled for $1 million dollars.

Safety tip: Ask your employees to be cautious when serving alcohol to patrons and instruct them to check for signs of over-consumption.

Legal Fees Restaurant Insurance May Cover

Attorneys can charge between $100 to $400 per hour, depending on a variety of factors like location, years in the business, and specialty. Even if you aren’t found liable in the end, the expense of defending a lawsuit could cause your business to go under.

Other Risks Restaurant Owners May Face

  • Accusations of sexual assault or harassment
  • Property damage (i.e. your building catching on fire)
  • Power outage leading to food spoilage
  • Employment practices liability (i.e. wrongful termination)

Restaurant Insurance Is Simple To Implement

One of our licensed agents will help you out and tailor a policy that meets your restaurant’s unique needs. As your restaurant business grows, you need more robust coverage for those worst-case scenarios. You can learn more about our restaurant insurance coverage options here.


We have experience insuring over 40,000 small businesses and food professionals. Check out these happy FLIP customers.

The restaurant industry is hectic and disaster can strike at any minute. You can implement restaurant insurance for your growing business with our online process. It’s better to have the peace of mind that insurance may help cover unexpected expenses. Protect your livelihood and don’t let the financial burden of a lawsuit ruin your operations.

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