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Host Liquor Vs. Liquor Liability Insurance: Key Differences

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While liquor liability insurance and host liquor insurance share some similarities—both cover legal fees in the event of a lawsuit — there are also some key differences that you should be aware of. Read on and learn more about each policy.


Who does host liquor cover?

Host liquor liability is a short-term insurance option for individuals who host private events like weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and luncheons. You might be surprised to find that you could be held liable for property damage or bodily injury that is caused by your guests if you provide your guests with alcohol.

When should I buy my host liquor policy?

We recommend that you purchase your host liquor insurance as far in advance of your event as possible. If you have put off purchasing your host liquor insurance policy until the last minute, our trusted partner, Insurance Canopy will allow you to purchase and download your documents immediately.

What are the coverage limits and the deductible for host liquor?

Your limits really depend on your insurance provider. Please visit our trusted partner, Insurance Canopy for more information on host liquor.

How much does a policy cost?

A host liquor policy from Insurance Canopy is $159 per event.

Does FLIP offer host liquor policies?

No. However, Insurance Canopy is our trusted partner for host liquor insurance and you can find more information on their site.


Who does liquor liability insurance cover?

Liquor liability insurance is an annual or short-term policy available for hired professionals who serve alcohol as a business venture like caterers, chefs, food vendors, and bartenders.

When should I buy my liquor liability policy?

Our liquor liability insurance policies can be purchased online and your policy documents can be downloaded immediately. We recommend looking into your state’s requirements and finding out if dram shop laws apply to you prior to serving alcohol to any patrons. However, even if your state does not have dram shop laws, you could still be sued if your service of alcohol resulted in a patron causing bodily injury or property damage. Protect yourself and don’t leave your business exposed.

What are the coverage limits and deductible for liquor liability?

You can choose between three limit options in the application. A quick note—as you select higher limits the price of your policy will increase as well:

1). $100K Occurrence/$300K Aggregate

2). $250K Occurrence/$500K Aggregate

3).  $1M Occurrence/$2M Aggregate

You can also add an optional assault and battery endorsement to your annual policy. Limits are $25K Occurrence/$25K Aggregate.  

Products and completed operations are excluded from event liquor liability policies. If you need products and completed operations coverage, or need more robust coverage, FLIP’s annual policy may be the better option for your business.

Do I need general liability coverage to purchase a liquor liability policy?

Yes. In order to carry a liquor liability policy, you must have an active general liability policy in place. If you do not already have general liability coverage, FLIP offers general liability insurance for both annual and event policies.

How much does a policy cost?

Liquor liability pricing varies based on whether you purchase general liability insurance coverage, your gross sales, coverage limits, your state’s regulations, and whether or not you decide to add endorsements such as assault and battery.

We offer two types of policies, annual and event. You can purchase a 1-3 day liquor liability only policy starting at $99 or an annual liquor liability only policy starting at $199. For general and liquor liability policies, our 1-3 day policies start at $128 and our annual policies start at $498. Visit our liquor liability page to learn more.

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