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How Culinary Insurance Can Build Your Business

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Building your business is more than handing out business cards, pitching to potential customers, and creating new products. It’s about connecting with your customers and being their go-to food business whenever a need arises.

Creating those relationships matters and the goal is to gain more customers along the way while protecting what you’ve built. Today, we will go over how culinary insurance can build your business and be your safety net.


Many people are drawn to a cooking class because they get a front row seat to your culinary skills. Some are foodies at heart while others want something fun to do for their evening dinner plans. Holding a class helps you create positive relationships with your guests and gives you a chance to try out some of your newest creations. You can answer questions and give them a taste of what you offer. More importantly, you can get feedback from them and see how you can improve your culinary creations.

Diversifying your business creates an extra income stream and can help keep your business afloat. Classes are a great way to build your services. People love having a hands on experience and enjoy good food while spending time with family or friends. With culinary insurance, you can include professional liability coverage and give your business an extra layer of protection for when you’re ready to start holding demos. Professional liability is designed to cover bodily injury or property damage you cause to a third party because of an error or omission in a professional service (teaching) that you provide.

FLIP offers professional liability as an additional coverage to culinary insurance and this can be added at any time throughout the coverage year. Whenever you are ready to add professional liability, you can do so through your personalized online portal. We’re here to grow with you.

A lawsuit is financially detrimental for any business owner and it’s hard to keep operating when battling in court. The money you gain from your classes could go straight to legal bills instead of building your business up even more. To make things worse, legal action could ruin your reputation and keep clients away from your classes.


Are you interested in participating in a farmers market? Events can help you connect with fellow food business owners, increase your visibility, and help you gain some new customers along the way. The prospect of being able to participate in an event is exciting but don’t get too ahead of yourself. Before you can set up your booth, you need to add the event owner as an additional insured to your culinary insurance policy.

What is an additional insured?

An additional insured is an organization or person who is not automatically included as an insured under an insurance policy and who is granted protection from the insured’s liability policy at the request of the named insured.

You will find that many event and venue owners will require to be added to your policy as an additional insured. It protects them from any negligence on your part during and after the event. Let’s say a passerby injures themselves due to the way your booth is set up and sues you. They could include the venue owner in the lawsuit and your culinary insurance policy is designed to cover them (if they’re not at fault).

With FLIP, you can include unlimited additional insureds for free and get it all done online. Whether it’s a last minute decision or an event you’ve been planning for weeks, our online process gives you the convenience of doing things on your own time.


Your appliances, inventory, and cooking gadgets make it possible to do your job. Losing any item can slow your operations down and prevent you from running efficiently. Our culinary insurance policy includes inland marine coverage and gives your assets protection. This covers movable items that are lost/damaged while in transit and will not cover permanent structures like a building.

Many business owners like having peace of mind that their items are protected with this coverage. Without culinary insurance coverage, you would have to cover any item expense on your own and this unexpected payment could ruin your bottom line. Any extra money that could be re-invested would need to go towards replacement items. Inland marine gives you the convenience of having items replaced (depending on the claim) and allows you to invest in your business in other ways. Maybe there’s a new appliance you want to invest in or a new accounting software you want to add to your tablet. Whatever it is, FLIP is here to be your safety net.


FLIP is the leader in liability insurance for food businesses and knows the risks business owners face. With this knowledge, we are able to create a policy to meet your needs and offer additional coverages for extra layers of protection. Whether you are just getting started or are looking for something more to protect your growing business, FLIP can help you out! We believe that insurance should be simple and strive to make it less time consuming. Our online dashboard gives you the convenience to update your policy, file a claim, and more!

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