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Our Customers’ Goals Are Ours

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At FLIP, we recently conducted a survey through our newsletter to get some insights into customers who purchased our food liability insurance. We set out hoping to find out more about what FLIP policyholders had in common and soon realized that at FLIP we have an incredible variety of customers and food businesses that turn to us for insurance.

According to our survey, 42% of FLIP customers sell their goods from a food truck, trailer, or cart. 41% are caterers or work as a personal chef. 21% of our customers as manufacture food products that they sale wholesale, at farmers markets, or in local grocery stores.


As we were reading the results of the survey, we were really touched by the section of the survey where we asked our customers to tell us the goals they had for their food businesses. Here are a few of the answers they gave:

To make a happy, sustainable living for myself and my employees while bringing high quality food to my local area.

To expand/certify my own kitchen.

To open a hall with a commercial kitchen to do weddings and other events.

To grow a profitable and successful business

Grow to be a nationally known organic tea company

I am happy being a sole proprietor, I just strive for a steady client base.

To book 20 weddings per year and do desserts for large events regularly

Supplemental income in retirement

For my BBQ Sauce to be sold in the local stores.

Serve the best Shave Ice/Sno Cones in the world to as many people as possible

Help families enjoy food together while working part time to spend quality time with my own family.

Grow to double sales of last year.

To deliver a tasty product ,attractive packaging , with a reasonable price

To perfect our brand enough to be able to sell franchises

Sell good homegrown vegetables and sell out at each market

To be in multiple markets and have a delivery service

To become a full time job

Build more food trucks for healthy eating


Though our clients’ goals vary, one common trait we noticed as we read through the goals of our customers is an eagerness to grow and reach admirable goals and build, not just a successful business, but a great life.

At FLIP, we are proud that we can help our customers move confidently toward these goals. FLIP believes that making it possible to build small, local food businesses is key to creating opportunity for everyone. We hope we play a small role in helping small businesses thrive by providing quality, affordable vendor insurance.


We are glad that most of the comments from our customers indicated that we are reaching that goal. Here are just a few of the comments our customers had about us:

I like the insurance and it’s a great start to our business

Easy to obtain and reasonable rates

I have recommended FLIP to every single small business food related company who I talk to about the inner workings of my company.

Great price for a small business

It was easy, the food truck business is difficult in this area so I think Flip is a great source

Very satisfied, easy and meets needs for a beginner

I have already recommended FLIP to many of my fellow market vendors.

Perfect for our business

U guys are on our side


We were glad that many of the policyholders who took the survey had suggestions for us. A few customers suggested that we make it easier to renew the FLIP policy, and that it might help them if we offered more insurance products, like life and insurance or workers’ compensation. Others suggested that they would like to see more features about other FLIP customers, so that they can learn more about what others are doing in the industry.

We are pleased to say that we already had a new renewal system in the works. If you are a FLIP policyholder, you can now opt to have your policy automatically renew.

We are also introducing new insurance products to FLIP. You can now purchase life insurance and disability insurance from FLIP, and we will be introducing more, so stay tuned!

We have begun featuring current FLIP customers in our newsletter, and we hope to continue.

Thank you all!


Lyndsey Larsen is the Marketing Manager for FLIP and writes about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and insurance.

Lyndsey Larsen is an experienced writer with a background in corporate communications and nonprofits, SAAS corporations, and nutraceutical companies. She has previously worked as a journalist for regional and national publications. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing butterflies, rockhounding, and spending time with her two kids in Utah’s mountains or deserts. Find Lyndsey on LinkedIn.

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