Why Every Bartender or Caterer Should Carry Liquor Liability Insurance

Why Every Bartender or Caterer Should Carry Liquor Liability Insurance

Each day, 29 people in the United States die in alcohol-impaired vehicle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). You’re in the business of serving alcoholic beverages and one of the best things you can do to safeguard your business is having liquor liability insurance coverage.

You Can Still Be Held Liable After A Patron Leaves

It’s every server or bartender’s worst nightmare: a patron causing an accident after drinking alcohol at an event you were serving. If a person you’ve served does something illegal or harmful (like drive a vehicle) while still intoxicated, many states allow a lawsuit to be brought against the bartender as well as the intoxicated individual.

Regardless of whether or not you are found guilty, you’ll still need to defend yourself. Legal fees, court, and defense costs are a few of the many things you will need to pay out-of-pocket. Depending on where you live, attorney costs can range from $100–$400 an hour. Liquor liability insurance can help you cover those costs.

For example:

A minor used a fake ID to get a bartender at a party to serve him alcohol. He left the party still intoxicated, and on his drive home, he crashed into another car. After the car accident, the minor pulled the driver out of the vehicle and left her at the scene of the accident. The injured driver died shortly after and police officers arrested the minor. The intoxicated individual was found guilty of murder and the deceased's family members sued the server. One hundred thousand dollars was paid as a settlement and an additional $97,000 in incurred expenses.

You Can Be Blamed For Assault and Battery. Opt-In For Coverage

One day you could be serving alcohol at a small party and the next day you could be serving alcohol at a bar. No matter where your business takes you. It is important to opt-in for assault and battery coverage. This type of coverage protects you when a fight occurs on the property.

For example, you serve alcohol to a patron at a bar and that same patron causes a physical altercation with another individual at the bar. The intoxicated person is charged with assault and battery for the incident. They later blame you for causing their intoxication. You could be sued for lost wages, medical expenses, and trauma.

Our liquor liability insurance policy offers an assault and battery coverage add-on for annual policyholders. We offer assault coverage up to $25,000 and battery coverage up to $25,000.

Liquor Liability Insurance Pegs You As A True Professional

Throughout the year, party hosts everywhere are meticulously planning their next event and want to cover their bases. Hiring a third-party vendor, such as a bartender or caterer will be on the top of their list. Food and drinks are an absolute must for every event. However, they don’t want to hire just any third-party vendor. Party hosts will be looking for people who are credible and carry liquor liability insurance.

Without liquor liability coverage, it’s easy for you to lose the client’s interest and they can move on to another third-party vendor. If you can show them that you’re a serious professional by explaining that you’re covered, your clients will likely be more impressed thus giving you a competitive edge. Furthermore, the client knows they can book you for all of their future events.

Liquor Liability Insurance Is Cheaper Than A Lawsuit

As you can recall earlier in this blog post, you learned about a hit-and-run accident that led to the death of one individual and a hefty $100,000 lawsuit settlement for another. Can you imagine paying $100,000 on your own?

With liquor liability insurance, you can rest assured that if your business faces a covered claim, we’ll be there to back you up. You can choose annual coverage starting at $498 or event coverage starting at $128. The risk of getting sued is high, but you can safeguard your business with insurance.

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