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WTF’s App Is Changing the Way Food Trucks Get Business

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Advertising your food truck business isn’t always easy. As a food truck owner, you probably know that advertising is a crucial part of running a successful business, but you also know that doing so effectively often requires large investments of both time and money.

With the challenge that advertising sometimes creates, you may have found yourself thinking that there’s got to be a better way for food trucks to market themselves without breaking the bank. Well, that’s exactly what Las Vegas resident Nicholas Spindel thought when he decided to create Where’s the Foodtruck, an app that helps food trucks get more business by sharing their information with nearby customers.

In just two years, Nicholas’ app has helped hundreds of food trucks around the United States effectively advertise themselves and grow their businesses to thrive in the highly competitive food industry market.


As a long-time restaurant operations expert, Nicholas is well acquainted with the ins and outs of running a food business and how to thrive in a competitive market. Before founding WTF, he worked with dozens of restaurants—both small and large—along the Las Vegas Strip.

After about a decade, Nicholas decided that he wanted to get away from the restaurant industry and focused his attention instead on food trucks. He even almost bought one, but as he did his research, something held him back. He learned that many food trucks struggle to build enough awareness to get their business off the ground.

“I used to drive around looking for food trucks, and some of them were really hard to find,” explained Nicholas. “In the food industry, it can be difficult to market yourself and that’s especially true for food trucks. It’s often hard to draw in new customers or bring back existing customers, and a lot of food trucks struggle to effectively share when they’re open or where they’re going to be in order to bring in more business.”

In fact, Nicholas found that without an effective marketing strategy, sooner or later many food trucks simply go out of business.

“After a while, I discovered that many trucks I used to visit just weren’t around anymore. It turns out they had gone out of business after only a few months,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas came to the conclusion that there should be a better way for food trucks to advertise. That’s when he had the idea that if he could create a platform where food trucks could share their locations, menus, and other important information with nearby customers, he might be able to help them not only stay open, but thrive in their respective markets.

That’s when Where’s the Foodtruck was born.


In the years since Nicholas founded Where’s the Foodtruck, his simple yet effective app has helped hundreds of food trucks around the nation grow their business. One such business was True Wings, a Mississippi-based food truck who, after just three months of advertising on WTF, had lines of customers at the window every day just 15 minutes after opening.

So how does Where’s the Foodtruck get its clients so much business? It all revolves around their GPS location tracker and notification system that informs nearby customers when a food truck opens, where it is, and exactly how to find them.

“When a food truck creates an account on WTF, they are given a profile where they can share their menu, contact information, hours of operation,” explained Nicholas. “There’s even an about section where owners can share their story and explain why customers should eat there. Every day, food trucks can click the ‘Open’ button on the app to send a notification to all nearby app users that they are open for business. Customers can also find food trucks by scrolling through WTF’s online directory, where they can access all the information on the food truck’s profile.”

As cool as this service is, what’s cooler is that Nicholas’ app is available to any food truck in the nation for free. That’s right, for free. For Nicholas, it’s all about providing food trucks with a quality tool to help them stay in business longer and achieve success sooner.

“If Where’s the Foodtruck can make a difference between surviving or failing, or being successful in one year instead of three, and we can make that happen for free, that’s where we want to be,” said Nicholas.

WTF does offer additional services for a cost—like their premier and elite packages, including special deals and event promotions—but are not required to get set up and advertise yourself on the app.


Advertising your food truck business can sometimes be challenging, but there are resources out there to help you grow your business without breaking the bank. If you own a food truck and have struggled to advertise yourself, you might want to give Where’s the Foodtruck a try. You never know, it might just help you get more business.

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