Concessionaires who serve or furnish alcohol during events, food festivals, or farmers markets can now purchase liquor liability insurance through FLIP. Liquor liability insurance protects your concession business from potential lawsuits when alcohol that you served leads to another person's negligence.

For example, if you serve alcohol to someone who causes a car accident, you could also be held liable because your actions contributed to their intoxication.

To purchase a liquor liability policy from FLIP, you must first have a general liability policy from FLIP or another provider. Once you purchase a general liability policy, you can return to the liquor liability application and buy a policy.


Liquor Liability Limit: $100,000/$300,000
Liquor Liability Limit: $250,000/$500,000
Liquor Liability Limit: $1 Million/$2 Million
Assault and Battery Limit: $25,000/$25,000

From $99 | 1-3 Day Policies

No Quote Process

10 Min. Online Purchase

*Requires an active general liability policy. Get our policy here from $299.

From $199 | Competitive Premiums

Unlimited Additional Insureds

24/7 Policy Documents Access

*Requires an active general liability policy. Get our policy here from $299.

Why Buy Liquor Liability from FLIP?

A rated

FLIP offers “A rated” insurance with an easy online application for a liquor liability insurance quote. Why take risks when you can get affordable, comprehensive general liability insurance coverage and a liquor liability policy from FLIP? It’s easy to protect your food business from exposures unique to the food industry, including claims that stem from alcohol sales. With liquor liability and general liability coverage, your business can confidently serve alcoholic beverages.

Prohibited operations:

  • If you are operating in the following states, you are prohibited from buying FLIP liquor liability insurance: AL, VT, DC, AK, HI, IA, NH, PA, WV, KY.
  • Any event where the insured is promoting or sponsoring any entertainment
  • Any risk that allows consumption of alcohol by employees, temporary workers, independent contractors, and volunteers during hours of employment
  • Any operations that continue past 2 a.m.
  • Any events that allow drinking games, drink incentives, all you can drink specials, complimentary drinks, BYOB, bottle service or self-service.

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