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Certificate of Insurance (COI)

What Is a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a document that provides evidence of your insurance coverage. It lists important information about the policy, including:

  • Your coverage type
  • Policy limits
  • Information about the policyholder


This document summarizes the most important terms and conditions of your policy and serves as proof of insurance.

Certificate of Insurance definition.

Why Do I Need a COI?

When you participate in an event, the coordinator or venue may require you to provide proof of insurance. Your certificate of liability insurance proves that you have a policy and outlines the extent and limits of your coverage. 

Some venues and coordinators may also require you to add them as Additional Insureds to your policy.

You can do this via the online dashboard and the person or business you added will receive a copy of the Certificate of Insurance for their business via email. This provides proof that you and your partners have the appropriate coverage.  

How Do I Get a Certificate of Insurance From FLIP?

Most policyholders can access their COI anytime via FLIP’s online dashboard. However, if your policy requires any special endorsements or language, you’ll need to call our customer support team for assistance at 844.520.6992.