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Cottage Food Law

What Is Cottage Food Law?

Cottage food law refers to the legal requirements and regulations established by state and local governments around selling homemade food products. 

These laws can include restricting sales to non-perishable foods, placing an income cap on sales of homemade food items, and requiring you to pass a home inspection before legally operating your business.

However, these regulations differ from state to state, so it’s important to read up on the requirements for your state.

Cottage food law definition.

Does FLIP Provide Coverage for Cottage Food Businesses?

Yes! FLIP is proud to offer cottage food law insurance for home-based food businesses. 

Operating your food business from home can be very cost-efficient, which is why it’s increasingly popular. However, home-based food businesses still face liability risks that can lead to expensive claims, such as a customer having an allergic reaction to an unlabeled allergen in something they bought from you.

FLIP offers cottage food law insurance starting at $25.92 a month, so you can protect your finances and focus on whipping up delicious food from home.