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Host Liquor Liability

What Is Host Liquor Liability?

Host liquor liability is when people or businesses are held responsible for accidents caused by intoxicated guests.

If a drunk guest gets hurt, injures somebody else, or causes property damage, the host who served the alcohol may be financially liable.

This type of liability only applies to those hosting a one-time event who don’t sell or serve alcohol as part of their regular business. These events can include birthdays, anniversary celebrations, corporate holiday parties, and any other gathering where alcohol is served to guests.

Host liquor definition.

Host Liquor Liability vs. Liquor Liability

If you host an event where you serve alcohol, but you’re not normally in the business of selling, serving, or making alcohol, you are probably subject to host liquor liability laws.

However, if you’re a bartender, caterer, or any other business that sells or serves alcohol as a primary function, you are subject to liquor liability laws.

Host Liquor vs. Retail Liquor

Hosting a one-time event—like a company networking mixer or a holiday party—qualifies as host liquor. To insure your single event, you would need a host liquor liability policy.

If your business sells alcoholic beverages, you are probably subject to dram shop laws. In this case, your business needs to carry long-term liquor liability coverage.

What Does Host Liquor Liability Insurance Cover?

A host liquor liability insurance policy can pay for some or all of your expenses related to these claims related to a drunk guest causing bodily injury or property damage at an event you host.

For example, if an intoxicated party guest wrecks their car on the way home, they could sue you for the cost of their medical bills, vehicle repairs, and damages to other drivers. Host liquor liability coverage could mitigate or eliminate your out-of-pocket responsibility.

How Much Does Host Liquor Liability Insurance Cost?

FLIP’s general liability policy starts at $25.92 a month and includes host liquor liability coverage as long as you aren’t in the business of selling, serving, or furnishing alcohol. 

Make sure to review your Certificate of Insurance (COI) to verify that your insurance covers host liquor before throwing a party.

Does FLIP Offer Host Liquor Liability Coverage?

Yes! FLIP’s standard policy includes host liquor liability, so you’re covered if you host a one-time event.

However, if your business serves, sells, or provides alcohol as part of its regular operations, you’ll need to purchase a liquor liability policy.