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What Is an Insured?

An insured is the policyholder as well as anybody they add to the policy. If you are insured, it means you have coverage under the insurance policy you’re named on.

Insured definition.

What Does “Primary Insured” Mean?

The primary insured, or named insured, is the person or organization that owns the insurance policy. The primary insured is also referred to as the policyholder.

The primary insured is responsible for paying the insurance premiums, making changes to the policy, and receiving any notices from the insurance carrier.

What Is an “Additional Insured”?

The additional insured is a person or organization added to the policy at the request of the primary insured. The additional insured must be someone other than the policyholder.

The additional insured does not pay any premiums and cannot make changes to the insurance policy. However, if the additional insured is brought into a claim associated with the policyholder, the additional insured will have coverage.

Can There Be More Than One Insured on a Policy?

Yes. You can have more than one named insured on your policy. After the primary insured, you can have a second named insured, a third, and so on. All named insureds can make changes to the policy.

All named insureds typically need to have common ownership of the business—51% or more—and similar exposure to risk. 

The first person or business listed is the primary insured and they are responsible for paying premiums and receiving notices. 

Note: A named insured and an additional insured are not the same thing. A named insured can make changes to the policy and has a vested interest in the insured business. An additional insured is a third party that requires protection from the insured’s policy, like a landlord, venue, or vendor.

How Do I Add More Insureds or Additional Insureds to My FLIP Policy?

To add a named insured to your policy, contact our licensed agents at 1.844.520.6992.

You can add an additional insured when you purchase your policy, or any time after by following these three simple steps:

  1. Log in to your user dashboard
  2. Click “Add Additional Insured”
  3. Fill out the necessary information and enjoy the protection it gives


FLIP allows you to add unlimited additional insureds at no extra charge!