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Policy Period

What Is a Policy Period?

The policy period is the length of time that your policy is active.

Also called the coverage period or term, the policy period is typically 12 months, but can vary depending on the insurance.

Policy period definition.

How Does an Insurance Policy Period Work?

Once you purchase an insurance policy you’ll receive several documents, including the declarations page. This page will include the effective and expiration dates of your coverage. The time between these two dates is the policy period.

Is the Policy Period Different Than the Effective Date?

Yes. The effective date is the date when your policy coverage goes into effect. The expiration date is when the policy coverage ends. The time between the effective and expiration date is considered the policy period.

How Do I Find My Policy Period?

You will find the insurance policy period on the declaration page of your policy. It begins on the effective date and ends on the expiration date.