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Georgia Food Liability Insurance

Cover your food business in Georgia online today with FLIP’s affordable, customizable insurance plan.


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Georgia Food Businesses We Cover

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Business Liability Insurance in Georgia

Georgia, aka The Peach State, aka The Goober State, clearly has an iconic connection to good, fresh food. From a steaming bowl of grits to tangy pimento cheese, it’s tough to pass up the array of delicious Southern delicacies that Georgia has to offer.    

If you’re serving up grub in Georgia, business liability insurance is a smart investment. Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) offers comprehensive coverage to safeguard small food businesses like yours. Our base policy protects food vendors against common claims, including third-party injury and property damage.  

Tailor your policy to suit your unique business with customization options like:

  • Tools and Equipment Coverage for damaged or stolen equipment claims
  • The Trailer Endorsement, which extends coverage to your trailer while parked and detached
  • Cyber Liability Insurance to help mitigate costs resulting from events like cybercrime and security breaches


Access your account 24/7 via the online dashboard, where you can view your certificate of insurance, add additional insureds, and renew your policy.

Georgia Food Insurance Coverages

  • General Liability
  • Products and Completed Operations Coverage
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage
  • Damage to Premises Rented Coverage
  • Business Personal Property Coverage


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Georgia Cottage Food Law

To ensure safety and quality, cottage food law in Georgia regulates the sale of food prepared in home-based kitchens. Licensed operators can sell items like bread, vinegar, and dry herbs as long as they’re properly labeled.

Cottage food insurance is a financial safeguard for your home-based food business. If a customer gets food poisoning or has an allergic reaction to your products, you could be held responsible. FLIP can mitigate or eliminate the cost of liability claims that would otherwise drain your bank account. 

Liquor Liability Insurance in Georgia

You take on substantial risk when your business sells alcohol. If an intoxicated customer gets into a fistfight or causes an accident, you could be the one held liable. Liquor liability insurance can save you from paying expensive court costs or medical bills out of pocket.    

Licensed Nationwide*

FLIP covers you from coast to coast, so you can serve up delicious eats, even if you move across the country. Just make sure you follow local licensing and certification requirements.

*FLIP is not currently available in Missouri.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! Though the state’s cottage law doesn’t require you to carry insurance, it could save you money in the long run. Costly claims can be detrimental, but FLIP’s Georgia food business liability insurance can help cover those hefty expenses so you can keep on selling your goods.

FLIP’s liquor liability insurance starts at $695 a year in Georgia. Factors like your gross sales, the limits you choose, and optional add-ons can impact the final cost.