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3 Things to Remember for Winter Market Season

Winter is one of the best times to sell your food at markets. People are constantly out and about, whether it is shopping in December or playing in the snow during January and February, and they are going to be hungry.

Before you attend these events, however, there is one thing you need to have before you go. No, it’s not kitchen utensils or cooking ingredients, though those are important. It’s insurance, and you need it to keep you and your business safe and prosperous. The following are three things to keep in mind when it comes to liability coverage for winter markets.

  1. Winter market food vendor insurance allows you to cook and serve food with peace of mind. It also gives you the protection you need in case a customer claims your food made them sick. Without insurance, you are looking at having to pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses out of your own pocket. That’s not good for business and it’s not good for your personal finances.
  2. Some winter farmer’s markets even require their vendors to have proof of liability insurance on winter market applications. This is not meant to inconvenience the food sellers, but to protect everyone involved in case something goes wrong.
  3. Don’t let the costs of insurance prevent you from taking advantage of the winter and holiday markets season. Whether you need farmer’s market insurance or coverage for food festivals, there are affordable options out there for you to choose from.

Taking advantage of the food events in your area during the winter can be good for your business. And having liability insurance can keep both your personal and business finances secure in case an accident happens.


Ashley Baker writes about marketing, business, and insurance for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ashley is a former Licensed Massage Therapist. She has a background in writing for state political offices, newspapers and was the web editor for two regional magazine publications. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, attending college football games or kayaking. Find Ashley on LinkedInInstagram, or Twitter.

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