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The Perks of Selling at Year-Round Farmers Markets

A picture of Pike Place Market in Seattle at night with neon signs lit.

Within the past 30 years, farmers markets have seen a boom in popularity. In the US today, there are over 8,600 farmers markets across the country where people can enjoy fresh, locally grown produce as well as concessions, baked goods, pet treats, and more.  While many are seasonal, closing in the winter and opening in […]

How Good Food Makes a Strong Community

Several food trucks lined up, attracting a large crowd at a community event.

The University of Oxford explored the correlation between communal eating and personal well-being, including happiness, friend circles, community connection, and overall life satisfaction. The verdict? The more we dine with others, the happier and more content we feel with our lives — a reflection of how ingrained the act of sharing meals is within our […]

Changes for Making the Food Service Industry More Resilient

A smiling couple standing in front of their organic food store.

The food service industry is fast-paced and highly volatile. Owners try to serve as many customers as possible while creating positive experiences for everyone involved. When food sits on the counter waiting to be served, it starts to wilt, get cold, and go bad. This leads to lost revenue if it goes to waste and […]

Creating a Permaculture Market Garden

An image of an organic permaculture garden.

A permaculture market garden is where permaculture principles are applied to grow a diverse range of crops meant to be sold in local markets. Unlike a traditional commercial garden focusing on large-scale, single-crop production or a community garden, where the yield is primarily for personal consumption or community sharing, a market garden aims to create […]

Developing a Community-Focused Business

A team of employees is led by a presenter, who is pointing to a screen titled “community.”

Every business owner is connected to a community, whether a business-to-business (B2B) company works with specific industries or a plumber helps homeowners restore their water flow. However, business owners can decide how much they want to be involved in their local communities. Some companies build strong relationships with the people around them and make a […]

New and Emerging Tech Innovations That Are Impacting Food Quality

A food production line includes technology and automation.

Innovations are changing the way the food industry operates. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) points out that tech-enabled food tracing and smart systems can predict contamination, assess risk, and quickly find the source of a food-borne outbreak and contain it.  Meanwhile, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) points to automation and […]

Do Food Storage Methods Really Affect Flavor?

An assortment of dried foods, fruit, vegetables, and pre soaked dishes stored on shelves in a restaurant.

An array of colors in the produce aisle, the aroma of fresh bread, and the sizzle of a tender cut of meat hitting the pan are all sensory experiences to look forward to when anticipating your next meal. Yet, have you ever paused to consider how your food storage methods influence these experiences? This subject […]

7 Nightmares Covered by Farmers Market Insurance

A happy couple standing in front of their produce stand at a local farmers market.

Farm fresh vegetables, baked goods, cold-pressed lemonade, and homemade meals draw the crowds at farmers markets. The aroma of baked bread, crisp apples, and farm-fresh healthy produce represent farms, home-based bakers, and other small businesses. Does your business frequent farmers markets? If so, you are exposed to several different types of claims and risks. Common […]

FLIP Sponsors FMC’s 2021 National Farmers Market Week August 1–7

FLIP is proud to sponsor the Farmers Market Coalition’s 22nd annual National Farmers Market Week Taking place August 1–7, National Farmers Market Week (NFMW) celebrates the importance of farmers markets for local farmers and consumers. It’s a great opportunity for farmers market organizers and vendors to build awareness for their businesses and strengthen their communities, especially […]

How Farmers Market Insurance Helps Your Business Thrive

One goal every business owner has is to take business to the next level. Ideally, you don’t want to deal with roadblocks or letdowns when it comes to improving things. Farmers market insurance for food vendors can broaden your horizons and could greatly benefit you. Today, FLIP will go over how insurance can expand your business, help […]