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6 Ways to Get Your Food Truck Into Festivals

A food truck rally photographed from above on a sunny day. Crowds of people walk between the trucks ordering food.

Whether you’re an established food truck owner or new to the scene, getting your truck into food truck festivals is a great way to build up your customer base and take your business to the next level. How much do food trucks make at festivals? With most food vendors making between $1,000 and $2,000 in […]

What Sells The Most On Food Trucks

street tacos

What Sells The Most On Food Trucks: Top 13 Most Sellable Food Items As one of the fastest-growing parts of the food industry, food trucks are unique, and niche, and can fit a bevy of different environments. From small-town rodeos to farmers markets in New York City to weddings and concerts, food trucks bring an […]

Food Truck Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices

blue food truck

Running a restaurant is risky business… or rather, from a liability insurance perspective it is. There are many liability risks restaurants face, from trip and fall accidents and property damage to accidentally getting a customer sick from the food

10 Licenses You Need To Start A Food Truck Business

A man getting his order from the window of a food truck.

If you’re planning on starting a food truck, you’ll need to acquire some food truck licenses and permits to legally operate your business. The food truck licenses you need depend on your state and county governments. Even the names of the

A Food Truck’s Guide To Events And Resources

People ordering food from a food truck

It’s that time of year when the birds are out chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the weather is warm and sunny. In other words, it’s food truck season! And boy, are we excited! Because we can’t contain our excitement, we put together a guide

How to Pick the Best Vehicle for Your Food Truck

If you’re thinking about starting a food truck business, you’ve probably spent some time looking at vehicles. Choosing the best vehicle for your food truck can be hard. With so many different makes and models, it can be challenging to know what to

How to Pick The Best Generator For Your Food Truck

If you’re looking to start a food truck business, chances are you’ve done a bit of research into generators. Choosing the right generator can be challenging, though. There are a lot of options and it can be hard to identify the best power source

The Risks Behind Food Truck Rallies

People purchasing food from a food truck

Congratulations, you made it to your first food truck rally! Time to set up and get to work serving your delicious food! But, before you start, you have one important item to check off your list: Food Truck Insurance. Insurance coverage is

How to Avoid Common Food Truck Insurance Claims

People purchasing food from a food truck

There are a lot of benefits to running a food truck business, but there are also a lot of risks. If you’re not prepared, your food truck business could face claims that could financially devastate your business. So how do you avoid these