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Easy Business Tips for Home Based Bakers to Try Out

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You have a passion for baking! Friends and family can’t turn down your delicious homemade treats. Many people in your situation decide to turn their passion into a business. It’s not always simple but definitely worth the effort. Today, we are going to share some business tips that can help you gain exposure for your newly-started business and increase orders.


One great way to share your baking creations is through social media.

By taking a picture of your desserts and posting online, you can show off your baking skills to family and friends. Pictures can be posted on your personal page or you can dedicate a page for your baked goods. Whatever you decide to do, be sure to take high-quality images to give people an idea of what they can expect.

Lots of people are in the mood for treats. We recommend baking items that fit with the season and don’t forget to share away! You never know who will want to place an order or a friend could possibly refer you based on your post.


You can always increase your baking network via Facebook groups or forums. By connecting with fellow bakers online, you join a community of like-minded people who have a passion for baking and creating a business. Maybe there’s a certain baking appliance you are interested in, but are still on the fence about buying. You may also be looking for ways to improve your baking skills.

Here are some Facebook groups you can consider joining:

Here are some forums you can consider joining:

Whichever avenue you choose, you can rest assured that you will learn something new about the industry and make some connections along the way. If you want something more local, see what your town or county has to offer!


Freshly baked brownies, a slice of chocolate cake, or a batch of cookies is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. While these delicious treats are enticing, many people don’t want to deal with extra sugar or calories. More people are turning to healthier options and want to live healthier lifestyles. However, they don’t have to give up the treats they love. That’s where you can come in with healthier alternatives. You could stand out by offering organic, gluten free, or vegan options for your customers to try out.


It can be a little scary putting your business out there and seeing what other people will think. Consider getting a booth at a farmers market or signing up for an event. This tactic will help you get in front of lots of people and give your business some exposure.

You could attract people to your booth with signage or decorations that represent your unique business. By participating in these types of events, you have the opportunity to connect with bakers in your area and gain some new customers. This is also a great setting to test out new products and figure out what your business should offer.

You’ll never know the outcome unless you try!


Every business has some degree of risk and the baking business is no exception.

A customer could experience an allergic reaction because you accidentally added peanuts to what should have been an allergen-free dessert. After the shock fades, sadness and fear can start to creep in. A lawsuit is possible. Could this be the end of your business?

By obtaining home-based bakers insurance from FLIP, we take on the risk and provide a financial safety net for you. It’s really easy to get started!


Lyndsey Larsen is the Marketing Manager and writes about business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and insurance.

Lyndsey Larsen is an experienced writer with a background in corporate communications nonprofits, SAAS corporations, and nutraceutical companies. She has previously worked as a journalist for regional and national publications. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing butterflies, rockhounding, and spending time with her two kids in Utah’s mountains or deserts. Find Lyndsey on LinkedIn.

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