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Food Product Liability Insurance: It’s Worth the Expense

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Insurance is an important part of having a business. If you sell food in any capacity, you are a business owner and it is important that you have a liability policy that not only protects your business, but also your own personal finances.

One of the most important coverages that your insurance should provide you is protection for your products. Without this benefit, you are taking a huge risk with the food items you are selling, and that risk could cost you thousands—or even tens of thousands—of dollars if someone claimed that your food made them sick.

What Is Food Product Insurance?

All of the food you make and sell is considered a food product. There are many regulations and laws, such as food handlers permits and kitchen inspections, that you need to be aware of in order to continue your business and sell your food.

There are also financial considerations that you should take into account, and one of these is protecting your food with liability coverage. You never know what could happen, whether someone eats your food and is allergic to one of the ingredients or a customer claims your food was too hot and it burned their mouth.

What about the cost?

There are very few expenses you have as a business owner that offer you more benefits than having insurance. Even if you never have to use it, the peace of mind that it brings is always worth the cost. And if you do need to use it, you will likely be overjoyed that you had the foresight to purchase a policy.

Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) offers food product coverage, along with many other benefits, starting at only $299 per year or $25.92 per month. Other insurance companies charge you higher premiums for their coverages, but it is a good idea to do some research before you commit to a policy. However, we’re confident that after exploring all of your options, you will find that FLIP’s price can’t be beat.

Whether you purchase from FLIP or not, having the protection that insurance provides gives you the best chance to avoid the financial risks that can come from customers who claim your food made them sick.


Ashley Baker writes about marketing, business, and insurance for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Ashley is a former Licensed Massage Therapist. She has a background in writing for state political offices, newspapers and was the web editor for two regional magazine publications. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with her family, attending college football games or kayaking. Find Ashley on LinkedInInstagram, or Twitter.

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