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Proof of Loss

What Is a Proof of Loss?

Proof of loss is a formal document or request you must file to initiate a claim on your insurance. This typically contains details about the incident, the amount of money requested, and any relevant information about theft or damaged property.

The proof of loss form gives the insurance company the information necessary to assess the claim and make a determination.

Proof of loss definition.

Do All Insurance Coverages Require Proof of Loss?

Yes! Submitting a proof of loss form is one of the first steps in initiating a new claim.

How Do I Fill Out a Proof of Loss Form?

You can complete the insurance proof of loss via your online dashboard. If you need more help or have questions about how to fill it out, feel free to contact one of our licensed agents for assistance at 1.844.520.6992.

When Do I File a Proof of Loss Form?

You should file a proof of loss as soon as you know about a potential or actual claim.

What Happens Once My Proof of Loss Has Been Filed?

Once your insurance company receives the proof of loss, a claims adjuster is assigned to your case. The claim adjuster will reach out to you and the injured party to determine if the claim is covered by the policy.