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43 Memorable Home Cake Business Names

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Starting a home-based cake business is an exciting venture, but one of the crucial steps is coming up with a memorable name that reflects your unique brand and captures the attention of potential customers. Piece of cake, right?

Not quite! Coming up with a strong name takes time and effort, but we’re here to help make it a little easier. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips to help you brainstorm and find the perfect cake business names, as well as 43 name ideas to inspire you.

Tips for Getting Started

The hardest part of coming up with names for a cake business is not knowing where to begin. Here are a few first steps you can take to help you come up with some seriously sweet home-based cake business names.

1. Consider Your Business Goals

The name of your business is going to be the first thing your prospective customers learn about you, so your first impression matters. To give yourself a better idea of what your home cake business name needs to accomplish, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is your target customer?
  • What are the core values of your business?
  • What goals do you have for your business?

64% of people report being loyal to a business because they share the same values, so it’s crucial that the name you choose speaks to your target market and reflects your mission and ideals.

For example, maybe you believe that cakes shouldn’t just be a dessert reserved for birthdays or other special occasions and people should indulge in them more often. A name like “Treat Yourself Cake Company” could help get that message across to your customer.

A frosted chocolate cake on a glass cake stand covered in colorful sprinkles.

2. Explore Search-Friendly Keywords

Homemade cake business names that contain search-friendly keywords can increase the chance that your business will show up on the first page of results when someone is searching for a cake maker.

Words like cake, dessert, wedding, birthday, party, and location-based words such as your city, state, or region can make your cake business name search-friendly.

When you incorporate search-friendly terms into your business’ name, you help your business with search engine optimization (SEO). Aside from helping your business rank higher in search results, having SEO-friendly keywords in its name will make it very clear to customers what you offer.

Experiment with these free SEO tools to discover which keywords will be most relevant and beneficial for your business:

3. Research Your Competition

It doesn’t matter how amazing a name is if it’s already taken! Make sure to check out the names of other cake businesses in your area that you’ll be competing with. You don’t want to get attached to a particular business name, only to learn later on that one of your competitors has one nearly identical to it.

Later on, once you’ve come up with a list of names you love, make sure to use the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s search system to look up each name and confirm that it isn’t already taken by a different business. If the name you want to use is trademarked, you could face charges of willful infringement if you try to do business under it.

4. Try a Name Generator

While you might try coming up with names on your own at first, don’t hesitate to use a name generator to get the creative juices flowing.

This cake business name generator is an excellent tool that creates multiple potential business names based on the keywords you feed it. Even if you aren’t happy with the names you get from a generator right off the bat, you can use bits and pieces of them to create something you’re truly happy with.

It may also be worth your while to give artificial intelligence (AI) a shot at generating some name ideas for you. Try Chat GPT, a free AI service that can take more complicated prompts and turn them into business names for you to use.

Cake Business Name Ideas

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for naming your home cake business, it’s time for the fun part! Let’s take a look at some potential angles you can take when naming your business and examples of each to get you started.

1. Showcase Your Specialty

Consider incorporating your specialty or unique selling point into the name. For example, if you specialize in wedding cakes, a name that references weddings will immediately convey what sets your business apart. Highlighting your niche can attract customers who are specifically looking for what you have to offer.

Specialty Name Examples

  • Plant-Based Bakes
  • Flourless Delights
  • Vegan Delights
  • Gluten-Free Goodness
  • Cake Pop Party Co.
  • Cheesecake Nouveau
  • Tiered Traditions Wedding Cakes
  • Gluten-Freedom Cakes

2. Play With Words

Get creative and play around with words related to cakes, baking, and sweetness. Use puns, alliteration, or rhymes to make your name catchy and memorable.

In fact, having a rhyme in your brand name can make it more memorable because it gives the name an innate musical quality.

Wordplay Name Examples

  • Cake-a-Licious
  • Caketopia
  • Bake Me Happy
  • Blissful Bites Bakery
  • Sweet Cravings
  • Earthcake
  • Sprinkled Sweets
  • Make It Or Cake It
  • Couture Cake Co.

3. Local Inspiration

Think about drawing inspiration from the local community or landmarks in your area. Incorporating the name of your town or neighborhood can create a sense of familiarity and appeal to local customers.

Locally Inspired Name Examples

  • Seattle Sweets
  • Manhattan Cakes
  • East Coast Cake Co.
  • Slice of the South Cakery
  • Pacific Coast Highway Cakes

4. Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch can make your business feel more approachable and relatable. Incorporate your name or something personal into the business name, as FLIP customer Jewel Burgess did with her home-based cake business, Cake Jewel.

This approach can help build trust and establish a connection with customers, making them more likely to choose your cakes.

Personalized Name Examples

  • Allan’s Cake Corner
  • Sweet Memories by Sydney
  • Custom Cakes by Elizabeth
  • Matthew’s Cake Creations
  • Savannah’s Own Cake Co.
  • Wedding Cakes by Caitlyn
  • Katie’s Cake Haven

5. Evoking Emotions

Cakes often evoke feelings of joy, celebration, and indulgence. Try to capture these emotions in your business name to create a connection with your customers, making them crave your delectable creations for their special occasions.

Emotionally Inspired Name Examples

  • Blissful Bakes
  • Sugar Rush
  • Cake Celebration
  • Memory Lane Cakes
  • Cakes With Heart
  • Cake Harmony
  • Sugarlove Confections
  • Serene Sweets

6. Keep It Close to Home

Operating your cake business from home is a unique way to run your business, so why not incorporate that into your business’ name? This will get your brand story across to prospective customers right away, and it’ll set your business apart from traditional brick-and-mortar cake shops in your area.

Home-Based Name Examples

  • Home Slice Cake Co.
  • Home Sweet Cakery
  • Haus of Cakes
  • Bake Home Cakes
  • Sweet Home Delights
  • Homegrown Cakes
A single-layer cake on a white porcelain cake stand with orange flowers on top of the frosting.

Next Steps for Naming Your Cake Business

Coming up with some names you love is only the beginning! Now that you have some strategies for generating home cake business names, let’s take a look at what your next steps should be.

Get Feedback

It’s always a good idea to run your favorite ideas past other people to get their opinions. Oftentimes, it’s easy to get tunnel vision with a name that you love, but others may feel like there’s a stronger option you should pick instead. 

Try sourcing feedback from friends, family, and/or online groups via a survey from SurveyMonkey, or poll your followers on Instagram. Feedback can also help you narrow down your list of favorite names to just one or two if you’re having trouble choosing the top contenders.

Register Your Business

Once you’ve selected the name you want, it’s time to register your business! This will make the name officially yours to use.

To get started, follow the steps outlined for how to register a business name from the United States Small Business Association (SBA). Afterward, visit your state’s Secretary of State website to receive specific instructions for how to register your business.

You can also apply to trademark your business name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which will make it so that other similar businesses in the country cannot operate under the same name.

Buy a Domain

Creating a website is an important part of running your business, so after you’ve picked a name you love and you know it isn’t taken, purchase a domain for it.

One quick way to see if the domain you want is taken is to visit a domain registrar like You can instantly see if it’s available for purchase and buy it.

If the domain you want to buy is taken, don’t fret— will show you the contact info of the person who currently owns it. You can reach out to them directly or through WHOIS to see if they’re willing to sell it to you.

It may not be cheap, but having a domain that accurately reflects your business’ name will lend more credibility to your business and make it easier for prospective customers to find you.

A two-tiered wedding cake on a wooden platform, surrounded by cupcakes with blue frosting.

Protect Your Business

Picking the perfect name for your cake business is only the beginning of your exciting adventure. We’re rooting for you every step of the way, from starting your cake business to growing it and reaching new customers.

When it comes time to protect your business, you can depend on Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) for comprehensive insurance coverage. Even though you’re running your business from home, there are still risks associated with your day-to-day operations, such as:

  • A customer having a reaction to an unlabeled allergen in one of your cakes and ending up in the hospital
  • A storm rolling through your area and flooding your kitchen, damaging your baking equipment
  • A guest tripping over a power cord in your kitchen during a demonstration, injuring themselves, and needing medical attention


The claims that result from accidents like these can be very expensive, but FLIP is here to help. Our cake maker liability insurance starts at $25.92 per month or $299 a year. With FLIP, you can get customized coverage for your cake business in just ten minutes or less with our convenient online checkout process.

Give yourself financial peace of mind and focus on growing your business, knowing you’re safeguarded from claims. Get insured today!

Hungry For More?

Now you’re ready to take the first steps in opening your very own home cake business with a name that will capture many happy customers for years to come! And when you’re ready to scale your operations even more, get our tips for growing your home baking business. We wish you the best of luck in your exciting new endeavor!
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