The Food Liability Insurance Program empowers small food businesses by providing entrepreneurs with the liability and product insurance they need. In order to continue that tradition of helping small business owners, we are now offering life and disability insurance.

We are making these options available to you because we know that many professionals in the small food business industry go without life and disability coverage, which are essential to financial security.


FLIP offers multiple, cost-effective life insurance plans to fit your needs and provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones. We offer term, universal life, and whole life coverage.

Policy details vary, but here are a few sample rates:

Term Limit Death Benefit Monthly Premium
10 yrs
20 yrs
30 yrs

Rates based on a 35 Yr. Old Female, Non-Tobacco Use

If you have questions about life insurance or our coverage options give us a call at 844.520.6992.


Disability insurance protects policyholders from devastating financial consequences should injury or illness prevent them from working. By replacing a portion of their income, usually 50% to 70%, a disability insurance helps small business owners and their families maintain their standard of living. Disability policies vary depending on your occupation and the duration of your time away from work.

If you have questions about disability insurance or our coverage options give us a call at 844.520.6992.