3 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Truck Insurance

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Food Truck Insurance

Insurance isn’t the most exciting thing and that’s why people leave it at the very bottom of their to-do list. By choosing to carry coverage, insurance can provide a financial safety net for your business and be a useful tool while operating. Does renting a commercial kitchen to fulfill a large order sound more exciting? Perhaps the thought of being able to host cooking classes for your customers does the trick. We’re here to tell you how coverage can help with those things and give you a rundown of how Food Truck Insurance.

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Food Truck Insurance Can Help With...

Renting Out Commercial Kitchen Space

Commercial kitchens are equipped with industry-grade appliances and more than enough prep space. Many food business owners turn to commercial kitchens when they are preparing large orders or need extra food storage space for an event.

While you are busy focusing on all things food-related, there may be accidents along the way that could lead to expensive repairs. There’s always a risk that the rented space sustains property damage, such as a fire and you could be stuck with the expensive bill.

Food Truck Insurance includes Damage To Premises Rented By You. This type of coverage is designed to cover property damage claims and is ideal for those renting spaces.

Marketing Your Business

The food industry is competitive and it can be hard to stand out. You may be competing against several food trucks in your area and even more if you decide to participate in a food truck roundup. Insurance can be used as a marketing tool and may help increase your professionalism. That’s why we offer our insurance badge! It’s our way of helping you out and being a resource.

Many of our insureds will include the badge on their website, social media pages, and business cards! The insurance badge may even help you stand out from competitors who choose to run their business without coverage.

Teaching Classes

As a business owner, you are thinking about ways to boost your sales and reach new customers. Perhaps you should hold cooking classes and give customers an inside look on how to cook delicious meals. Is there a new menu item you are dying to try out? Put it to the test during your cooking class and see what customers think!

Cover your bases by carrying coverage for your classes! If a customer believes you did not fulfill your contractual agreement, they could sue you for damages and it can be stressful to handle the legal obligations on your own. Professional Liability Insurance is designed to cover any expenses you are liable to pay for and is available as a policy add-on.

Get Food Truck Insurance Online!

You may think this all sounds good but...don’t feel like waiting over the phone with an agent or going to their office to sign some paperwork. With FLIP, you don’t have to worry about that and can sign up for insurance online.

Our online process is convenient and fast. Most people get coverage in ten minutes or less! You’ll get proof of insurance after checkout and an online dashboard to help you manage your policy (i.e., file a claim, view coverage details, update personal info, and more).

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to our licensed agents over the phone or online!


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