Food Booth Insurance

Attending events, whether they are farmers’ markets or themed festivals, can be a fun - and profitable - way for you to get your food out there for people to try. Hundreds of thousands of people attend events each year (there are over 1,000 annually in the U.S.), and all of them have money to spend. As a food booth vendor, you could have hundreds of people go through your premises over a few days. That’s the good news.

The bad news? With that many people in one place, there are bound to be accidents. If a customer is injured in your tent or booth, you could be held liable and be ordered to pay their hospital, doctor, and even physical therapy expenses. That’s a lot of money to have to pay.

But there’s more good news! If you have prepared beforehand and found food booth insurance for your business, you have taken a big step in mitigating the risks that come from attending shows and festivals. Think about it: you wouldn’t drive your car around without car insurance, and you wouldn’t want to buy a home without having some sort of home liability policy. The risk of loss is just too great. Your food business is the same way. One accident, even a seemingly minor one, can financially cripple you and lead to your business shutting down.

Our Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) can be a great resource for you to get the protection you need. In addition to general and business personal property coverage, it also includes products-completed operations, so the food you give your customers is insured against liability claims.

FLIP was created to give food vendors the insurance they need so that they can go about preparing, cooking, and serving their food with peace of mind that only comes from having a liability policy.

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"I have used FLIP insurance for two years now. They have always provided excellent service at an affordable price. Don't consider going with anyone else!"

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