What Is The Difference Between Liquor Liability and General Liability Insurance?

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As a food business owner, you’re tasked with doing what is best for your business. This can include sourcing the best ingredients, nailing the perfect menu, becoming a social media guru, and more. Doing what is best for your business can also include protecting it with insurance.  Insurance can be the differentiating factor between serious […]

How Much Money Does Insurance Save Me?

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Insurance provides more than just a safety net of coverage for your business. It can help you book more events, increase your customer base, and even save your business money. When you purchase an insurance policy to protect your business, you create an avenue to save money from the expensive costs associated with claims. While […]

What Sells The Most On Food Trucks

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What Sells The Most On Food Trucks: Top 13 Most Sellable Food Items As one of the fastest-growing parts of the food industry, food trucks are unique, and niche, and can fit a bevy of different environments. From small-town rodeos to farmers markets in New York City to weddings and concerts, food trucks bring an […]

Why You Should Require Insurance: A Festival Organizer’s Guide To Insurance

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Why You Should Require Insurance: A Festival Organizer’s Guide To Insurance Hi there! With farmers’ market season upon us, it’s time to talk insurance. Are your vendors protected? Are you listed as an additional insured? When you require your vendors to protect their businesses with insurance while at your farmers’ market, you can experience peace […]

FLIP Partners With Cookin, The World’s Homemade Food Delivery Marketplace

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The Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) is proud to announce its new partnership with Cookin, a homemade food delivery marketplace. Launching in Dallas, Texas, Cookin aims to provide affordable, exciting, and home-cooked meals right to its subscriber’s dining tables. Cookin’s meals come from talented and diverse home-based chefs, giving them an opportunity to grow their […]

What Kind Of Insurance Does A Caterer Need?

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What Kind Of Insurance Does A Caterer Need? As a caterer, you are open to several different types of risk. These risks can lead to claims which can lead to a serious financial loss. Luckily, caterers can protect their business with catering insurance. “What kind of insurance does a caterer need?” you may ask. And […]

Participating in off-site sales? Make sure you’re covered.

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Howdy partner! Your offsite insurance provider here just checking in to make sure that your restaurant is covered for offsite sales. Did you know that your restaurant can get insurance coverage while attending any Pittsburgh Downtown Alliance-sponsored events? Most restaurants already have a restaurant insurance policy that may limit “off-site” sales. Off-site sales may include […]

Food Truck Marketing: Benefits and Best Practices

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Running a restaurant is risky business… or rather, from a liability insurance perspective it is. There are many liability risks restaurants face, from trip and fall accidents and property damage to accidentally getting a customer sick from the food