The Who, What, Where, And Why Of Inland Marine Insurance

commercial kitchen bakery

We get it, food liability insurance can be confusing… and we’re insurance nerds! There are so many terms and stipulations and don’t get us started on how much money it could save your business. So, instead of giving you all the insurance terms at once, let’s just focus on one: Inland Marine Insurance. Our goal […]

7 Nightmares Covered by Farmers Market Insurance

A happy couple standing in front of their produce stand at a local farmers market.

Farm fresh vegetables, baked goods, cold-pressed lemonade, and homemade meals draw the crowds at farmers markets. The aroma of baked bread, crisp apples, and farm-fresh healthy produce represent farms, home-based bakers, and other small businesses. Does your business frequent farmers markets? If so, you are exposed to several different types of claims and risks. Common […]

How Catering Insurance Protects You In 2022

food served on platter

Picture this: You’ve been hired to cater a corporate dinner for a prestigious business company. Hooray! Great job! Now it’s time to get to work! You set up all your tables, bring out all your delicious food, and begin serving. All your dishes are set over a sterno so they stay equally heated at a […]

How Much Does Restaurant Insurance Cost?

Being a restaurant owner can be stressful and you have a lot on your plate. From staffing, to creating menus, to even just day-to-day operations. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to remember every little detail. And while some small details